About Hallowed
Hallowed is a multi-church, inter-generational Christian alternative to Halloween. It is a day of unity in worship and prayer with special sessions for children and youth.

How was Hallowed formed?
In 2009 (after a decade of praying for the UK), after a month of corporate prayer and fasting, God moved us to organise Hallowed, a prayer and praise event before Halloween.

Hallowed is an initiative to pull down spiritual strongholds in Britain and worldwide. Unless we destroy the works of Satan, we cannot build for God (Jeremiah 1:10).

Hallowed is a member of the Evangelical Alliance. It comes under the apostolic covering of Connections UK. Visit www.connectionsuk.org for details.

Who is on the Hallowed Team?


Kalpana was born again in 1986, when the Holy Spirit came into her bedroom (at the age of 13), and preached to her from the book of Ecclesiastes (she had never read it before). Kalpana is a psychiatrist by profession. She is happily married to Simon (also a psychiatrist!) and they have three delightful sons – Louis, Raphael and Marcus.When she arrived in England the Lord laid it on her heart to pray for the nation’s prayer life – to build up the spiritual walls around the nation (the Book of Nehemiah).Kalpana was a member of the Pilgrim’s Highland Church in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. To visit the website of this church click here www.pilgrimshighlandchurch.org

Paul and Sarah Keen are Pastors, and Worship Leaders. Paul is a business analyst who along with his wife Sarah (a psychiatric nurse) are cell group leaders at Oasis Church, Colliers Wood. They are the busy parents of four beautiful girls – Rachel, Lauren, Abby-Lynn and Katelyn.  Paul and Sarah aim to inspire others to ‘keep it real’ promoting intimacy with God through worship.

Pastors Paul and Sarah Keen

Hallowed Youth (12-17 years) & Young Adults (18-25 years)

We have an inspiring and powerful programme of prayer and topical discussions aimed at the younger generation, led by Dr Ian Thurlby-Campbell of Heartbeat International Missions in Camberwell (top right) alongside Pastor Aaron Carr of City Life Church in Portsmouth (top left), Nathanael Graham of United Life (bottom right) and Dominic Carlo Padilla of SOFICCC in Southampton (bottom left).

Hallowed Worship Team

We have a dynamic multi-church worship team including Pastor David Ross, Julia Triddinick, Vicknesh Wood, Patsy Ferreira and others led by Pastor Paul Keen. This creative group of musicians recently released their first album titled “Erchomai” (Revelations 22:17 “Come!”) that you can listen to on soundcloud

Hallowed Kids (2-11 years)

Chomand Graham: Chomand or “Marn” is married to Nathaneal Graham. She is a committed Christian with excellent organizational skills who works with children with special needs.

Hallowed Special (for children with special needs)

Sarah-Jane Raynsford is a speech and language therapist who loves to work with children. Sarah-Jane brings her enthusiasm and joy into everything she does. She attends Oasis Church in Colliers Wood.  We’re privileged to have Sarah-Jane oversee our work with children with this special group of children in Hallowed. (PS the child in the photo does not have special needs).

Hallowed Admin Team

We have a committed team of volunteers who support us every year with our many admin tasks, led by Kalpana, Tunicea Graham-Green (pictured with Kalpana) and Aisha Lolade Idris. Tunicea attends Heartbeat International Missions.

Hallowed Volunteer

Every year we are joined by a group of committed volunteers from different churches. Hallowed is an event organised by churches, composed of churches and for the benefit of the Church! Meet Esther Adams one of our most faithful volunteers. She works as a paediatric nurse and specialises in burns. She serves on the youth ministry, manages events in her church and leads an amazing monthly service (passion2020) that takes place at Heartbeat International Missions

Hallowed Mission Statement (BARA)
BARA – Hebrew word used in Genesis 1:1 literally meaning to create out of nothing. Something only possible for God.

Building the house of prayer
The core heart of Hallowed is prayer. Hallowed is looking to help all Christians, find and recognise their ‘prayer identity’ as a child of God.Prayer is not just for the ‘intercessors’ but a natural response to a loving Heavenly Father and the single most effective thing we can do to help advance God’s Kingdom. Prayer is freely accessible to all. The very young, the very old, disabled, male, female, rich, poor, black, white, single or married (Isaiah 56:7).

Accepting God’s prayer mission
As people who recognise their Spiritual authority we work in partnership with the Holy Spirit to pray strategically into the issues effecting the nations and our communities.

Reaching out to God in praise and worship makes prayer easy
By integrating the flow of praise and worship seamlessly with prayer, we naturally come into agreement with God and each other, flowing into powerful unity, maximising the effectiveness of the church as a praying body.

Alternative to Halloween
The Hallowed event occurs each year on or just before Halloween as a vibrant exciting alternative for Christian children of all ages who otherwise might feel that they’re missing out. We recognise that children are the church of tomorrow but we also recognise that God is working in them and using them today. ‘There is no junior sized Holy Spirit’ who listens to the prayer of children (Chrissie Wilkinson – Children’s ministry)

BARA –The praying church is able to join God in BARA, making something happen out of nothing. God is still creating. He uses his praying church to bring His will to pass. Just like creation, making the impossible a reality.

Statement of Faith
We believe in the triune God as creator and sustainer of the universe, and have faith in Jesus as Saviour, Lord of all and God.

We acknowledge the Bible as the Word of God and its final authority in matters of faith and conduct.

Is Hallowed a British charity?
Hallowed is a not for profit Christian ministry. It comes under Connections UK a christian charity. To find out more about Connections click here www.connectionsuk.org