Pastor Ian Christensen, Senior Pastor, New Life Christian Centre International

I thank God for Kalpana and all who are involved in the ministry of Hallowed. This is a ministry that raises awareness and promotes Prayer and Spiritual Warfare for the good of the Church and Gods Kingdom. I thank the Lord for all ‘Hallowed’ does

Tony Horswood, Connections Trust

“The first meeting of Hallowed was a well run and meaningful one. There is no doubt about the fire that God has placed in Kalpana’s heart to pray on this particular day. Halloween is a time when there is spiritual danger all around us. I would recommend this meeting to you”

Anne Wallace, Centre Director, CrossWay Pregnancy Crisis Centre Ltd

“To be listening to the Lord and interceding according to His will in the centre of London is very exciting and I think it’s a very special event and hope it continues and grows.”

Stephen Derbyshire, Lead Pastor of City Gates Christian Centre, Ilford

“Hallowed is a great vision and, I believe, has real spiritual significance which impacts communities. People committed to providing an alternative to Halloween every year need to be commended and I am happy to do so.”

Jonathan Oloyede, Global Day of Prayer London Convener

“It’s great to see how Hallowed is seeking to recapture the essence of Halloween, which is actually a festival to celebrate the saints an all hallows evening, which has turned into Halloween, because it was a day set aside by the church to remember those who died in service.”

Chrissie Wilkinson, Viva

“There always appears to be amazing team work for this to come together each year”

Pastor Aaron Carr, Youth Pastor, Life Church, Petersfield

“Hallowed is a powerful time that enables the church to focus on the power of God through prayer and uplifting worship at a time where spiritual things are on everyone’s mind. I am certain many lives have been touched and will continue to be as Hallowed continues to serve the Lord in this unique and exciting way”

Jon and Beccy Bebb, Turning-the-Tide

“As much of the world focuses on Halloween, ‘HALLOWED’ is a God-given opportunity for all generations to come together in Worship of the Lord, recognising His victory. It’s a day full of blessing, investing in our relationship with Him and establishing breakthrough in the heavenly realm”

Pastor Ade Omooba, Director, Christian Concern

“Hallowed is a powerful time of prayer and worship which gives young people a glimpse into the excitement that can come from an unflinching commitment to Christ. Hallowed obliterates the conception that Christianity is boring, as young people discover the joy in the Holy Spirit that comes from intimacy with their Heavenly Father.”

Open Doors

Dear Kalpana and Hallowed, It was a joy and blessing to be with you all and share ‘All Hallows Eve’ . The unity I found at the meeting reminded me of the unity of Christians in Iraq -from many denominations yet one in Christ-as it should be. We found a lot of interest and concern for our suffering brothers and sisters , with many promises of future support. Keep up the LORDS work. God bless you all. Brian S. (Open Doors)

Pastor Tunde Ogedengbe

We were really inspired with your leadership insight and commitment to the cause of the Gospel. We were really blessed by the enthusiasm of your team as a whole. We thank God for you and the vision which He has given to you. We look forward to next year to be part of the execution of the vision for next year by the grace of God. Thank you for your inspiring love for the Lord.
God bless you. Please share our love and appreciation with your whole team. You are such a beautiful team with beautiful and colourful display of His love!

Pastor Christen Forster

God has many names and titles in the Bible, but it is the name Father that is hallowed. It is special because it makes us all one family, and family is the key building block in a good community or society. It teaches us that the strong should look after the week, that we need to honour and work with our differences, be stretched by them and blessed by them. It provides security and protection; purpose and value. So we talk a lot about putting family at the heart of our spiritual and church life, but in practice it can sometimes be just that… talk.
Hallowed on the other hand starts with family and builds outwards and upwards to create a programme for all ages that expresses and nurtures spiritual life while reflecting the community, Father, Spirit, Son at the heart of God. I can thoroughly recommend it and commend Kalpana for her initiative and leadership.

Lade OlugbemiLade Olugbemi

An event where Jesus is celebrated on the last Saturday in October. I attended the last Hallowed celebration and indeed it was an occasion where the name of Jesus was hallowed. Different nations, different tribes lifting up their voices to praise and pray, to exhort and build…His name is Hallowed instead of being demeaned.
Lade Olugbemi
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