Tuesday – Praying For Families

1. We thank You God, for You are our Father, the Creator of the whole universe and all the families on earth derive their name from You.

2. You created Adam and Eve, our first parents and united them in marriage, saying: “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for Him.” You consecrated their marriage by Your presence and made them one flesh. For the beauty of Your work we give You praise.

3. Lord Jesus, You are the true and heavenly Bridegroom. We thank You for the ransom price of Your own blood that You paid to redeem us from the captivity of Satan. The church is Your bride. You love us with a great yearning and You protect us from all the dangers of this life.

4. Thank you Holy Spirit for You gather couples together in accordance with Your plan and divine promise: “Not one shall be missing, not one will lack her mate. For it is His mouth that has given the order and His Spirit will gather them together.”

5. O Lord God Almighty, spread Your garment of divine protection over families and preserve the love, unity and peace between them. We thank You for the grace that You will provide to the husband to love His wife, for the wife to be subject to her husband and for children to honour and obey their parents.

6. Father, grant married couples the wisdom, strength and commitment to endure in the race and not to give up in the midst of difficulties. Have mercy on them for we live in evil times and in a selfish culture where divorce has become the norm. Make a hedge of protection over their lives, their marriages and their testimonies. Protect them from adultery, abuse and divorce, for You hate such things.

7. Father, we thank You that You are able to help them keep their marriage bed undefiled. Build a wall of fire around them and remove the spirit of unfaithfulness and prostitution that can lead them to stray from You and from one another. What God has brought together let no man put asunder. Strike with the terrible fear of God any man or woman who approaches either of them to break this holy bond. Let the fear of God also remain in their hearts to preserve them from all wrongdoing.

8. Father, let the husband rise up and bless His wife remembering that he has indeed found favour with God. Let the wife remember to uphold her husband in her prayers that he may be led by You. Let them come together each day to seek God’s blessing over their children and household.

9. Father, let the husband decide in his heart to seek the wisdom of the Lord and the wife resolve to be an excellent helpmate to him, so that Your promises to them may be fulfilled. Let them comfort each other and let the love of God which is the bond of perfection crown their lives.

10. God our Father, You have promised that the days of Your people will be like the days of a tree. They will long eat the fruit of their labour and they will not bear children doomed to misfortune. They will be a people blessed by the Lord and their descendants with them.

11. May Christian couples setting up homes remember to write Your commandments on their doorposts. May Your word be before their eyes, in their hearts and on their lips. Enable them to teach Your decrees and commandments to their children, speaking of them when they rise and when they lie down, when they walk and when they sit down.

12. Father we pray for strong families in the church. Help your people to keep themselves separate from the world and not to follow the example of the ungodly. May Christian couples lead the families with wisdom and love so that the church may be a safe haven for future generations.

13. May the families of our people dwell in the shadow of the Almighty and rest under Your wings. May they honour You all the days of their lives. Deliver them from all trouble and strengthen their hearts to serve You. Grant them length of days and honour them.

14. May the favour of the Lord our God be upon families to establish the work of their hands. Better is a day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere. May Your people come before You all their days with thanksgiving. May they remain green and continue to bear fruit in old age, saying our God is upright, there is no wickedness in Him. For we ask all this in Jesus’ name.