Wednesday – For The Church

1. We thank You Father for the wonderful love You have bestowed on us. From the foundation of the world You predestined us to be Your people and You called us from darkness into Your marvellous light.

2. Father, we bless Your name and Your word that You have exalted above all things. Remember the prayers of Jesus on our behalf. Protect us by the power of Your name and fulfil Your word of promise to us.

3. Lord, we come before You today with a humble and contrite spirit, confessing our sins, the sins of our fathers and the sins of all our people. We do not come to You today on the grounds of our righteousness, but on the basis of Your great mercy and love. Grant Your church a spirit of true repentance as we call on Your name. Have mercy on us for our walls are broken and our streets destroyed.

4. Father, forgive us, for we Your people have sinned against You throughout the ages and in this generation, we have stood by while the sins of the world have reached the full measure and Your wrath is about to be poured out on all flesh. We have remained silent and complacent unwilling to pay the price of bringing souls to You. Have mercy on us.

5. Lord, we confess that we have compromised in so many ways and treated the terrible sins of our time as modern patterns of behaviour. A multitude of souls have fallen into the fiery pit because there was none to warn them. Forgive this great wickedness O God.

6. Father, we confess that we have been selfish, forgetting Your command to care for the hungry, the naked, the stranger and those in prison, for the sick, the widow, the orphan, the elderly, the vulnerable and the disabled. Forgive our selfishness.

7. Father, we confess that the Christian countries and communities of the world have followed the ways of the nations. We have sinned against You and our neighbour whom You commanded us to love. Terrible wars have been fought, millions killed, orphaned and widowed, the motives being greed and intolerance. The slave trade, oppression of the poor, apartheid, colonialism and coveting the wealth of others by Christian nations have weakened the testimony of the church, that failed to speak up against these atrocities. Forgive our sins, God of mercy.

8. We confess that many Christian nations and the church have persecuted Israel, Your firstborn whom You sent among us. We have forgotten Your terrible judgment on Egypt and despised the Jews in their hour of trouble. Have mercy on us for we repent of this terrible sin. Withhold Your judgment from us.

9. We confess that we have set a poor example to the children and to unbelievers. All forms of corrupt practices, sexual immorality, family breakdown, pornography, perverted behaviour, addictions to drugs and mind-binding music and entertainment programmes have been tolerated, even applauded by the church. How can we stand before You today, having lost the authority that You entrusted to us to change the nations of the world.

10. You have been patient with us, yet we have grown stubborn and hard hearted. We have loved the world and the things of the world, spurning the love of God. Grant us true repentance O Lord.

11. You have warned us that judgment will soon begin in the household of God, so we pray that You will remove our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh, so that we may turn back to You.

12. In the midst of our shame and degradation, remember Your great mercy and faithfulness. Remember O God that we are Your people called by Your name and do not forsake Your inheritance. Let Your church awaken once more and call on Your name with fear and trembling. Cleanse us from all our sin by the blood of Your Son Jesus and sanctify us by Your word.

13. You have promised that if Your people who are called by Your name will humble themselves and repent of their sins, then You will hear us from heaven and heal our land. Give ear to our prayer once more, O Lord.

14. Have mercy on us O God. Cleanse us from our sin and remove all unrighteousness from us. You desire truth in the inward parts, therefore teach us wisdom in our inmost being. Hide Your face from our sins and blot out all transgressions. Create in us a clean heart and restore a right spirit within us. Do not cast us from Your presence or take away Your Holy Spirit from us. Restore to us O God the joy of Your salvation and sustain us with a willing spirit. Then we will teach transgressors Your ways and sinners will turn back to You. Open our mouths and we will declare Your righteousness.

15. This day O Lord may Your church arise once again as Your faithful bride, spotless and undefiled. May we separate ourselves from all wickedness and corruption of our time and speak Your truth with boldness.

16. Father, grant us a spirit of wisdom and understanding that we may know You better. Enable us to put aside all bitterness, unforgiveness, envy, anger, rage, disunity and quarrelling from our midst. May we love one another so that the world may know that we are Your disciples. Help us to be of one accord, speaking Your word with one voice and contending as one man for the faith.

17. We pray for love and unity among us, but confusion in the camp of Your enemies. Break the arm of the evil one and cast him out from among Your people. Help us to remain vigilant and discerning, sober and self controlled, so that we may not fall into his snare. In Jesus’ name.
Arise O Lord and let Your enemies be scattered;
Let those who hate You flee before You.

18. Lord, You have given us the keys of the kingdom and promised us that the gates of hell will not prevail against Your church. So in Jesus’ name we bind all the works of darkness in our midst and loose the will of God among the nations of the world. May we perform Your will to bring release to the captive and preach the good news to the poor.

20. Father, help us not to be faithless or grow cold or lukewarm. Help us not to slumber or be unprepared; but likewise virgins, let us always be on the watch for Your coming, filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit and doing good works until Christ returns for His church. Grant that we may rejoice at the marriage supper of the lamb and share in the eternal blessings of Your faithfulness through all eternity. All this we ask in Jesus’ name.