What happens when we pray?

1. Prayer benefits the person who prays – God draws near to us, God chooses us (for His work), He hears us (our petitions), forgives us, strengthens us, directs us, shows us hidden/secret things, upholds our cause, opens our eyes to the spiritual realm, heals us from terminal illness, helps us, does miracles, restores what was taken from us, gives us favour with others, protects us, encourages us, gives us favour with Him, gives us relief from our distress, gives us Peace, saves us (from trouble), God blesses us as we pray for others, He adds years to our life, gives us joy in the House of Prayer, He speaks to us, God sends His angels to minister to us, gives us spiritual revelation, He rewards us, He performs His will for our lives, we don’t fall into temptation, God fills us with His Spirit, makes us bold, puts us in a trance (Acts 22:17), fulfils our purpose

2. Prayer benefits other people – God heals, removes barrenness, He forgives and relents from destroying sinful men, brings them His salvation. He hears the prayer of the unsaved who call on Him, He hears the plea of the destitute, He drives out demons, God restores the backslidden, He baptises Christians in the Holy Spirit, raises the dead, releases prisoners, enlightens their hearts, makes them strong spiritually, brings unity, establishes us in love, gives tem spiritual wisdom and understanding,

3. Prayer effects our Enemy (Satan) – God fights our enemies, He turns our enemies counsel into foolishness, makes them blind, hands them over to us, He sends an angel to annihilate their fighting men, brings him disgrace,

4. Prayer effects the Nation we live in – God brings healing (emotional healing, betters our society), peace, prosperity, the name of Jesus is glorified

5. Prayer does other things as well – stops epidemics, controls nature (stops thunder, stops the rain, sends the rain), Heaven opens, opens doors for the gospel

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